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Client case 1: business plan, investment simulation, bank financing
Wine business
Bordeaux and Provence, France
  • Business plan

  • Simulations in case of new acquisitions of wine domains and wineries

  • The client uses the business plan as a simulation tool to assess his various investment scenarios

  • Client support to go and see the banks to obtain bank loans for new acquisitions 

Client case 3: strategic review and investor pitch
Web based collaborative platform and entrepreneur community for International projects
Various countries
  • Strategic review with particular emphasis on value proposition, differentiation, business model, offer structure and go-to-market 

  • Redesign of the investor pitch for the next round of fund raising

Client case 2: mentoring of the management team
Market place on internet
  • Weekly mentoring of the management team, including overall project management and handling of new issues along the way

  • In depth sessions on key topics for the company (differentiation, business plan and budgets, go-to-market strategy)

Client case 4: vision definition and project priorites for the year
Music streaming and content
  • Value, mission statement and vision definiton

  • Preparation of an internal team building meeting around the vision and the action plan for the year

  • Prioritisation of the key projects of the company to achieve the vision

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