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BBC Future UK most prestigious broadcaster's look at the future

BBC Click the BBC News show about the future

CNN tech innovation CNN edition about innovation

CNN business perspectives short and long term views on business issues

CNBC, technology news

Press -Magazines - Newspapers

Future timeline what will happen, when?

NY Times, technology and society

Washington Post, internet culture

San Fransisco Chronicle, biz and technology

Newsweek, technology and science

Financial times, technology and economy seen by the city


Long bets predicting for charities

Future conscience

Future Societies & Think Tanks

World Future Society embracing a futurist mindset

The future society with a focus on the governance of AI

Digital Future Society at the confluence between tech and social science

The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies debating on ethics and tech

The Rand Corporation US views on defense and future

World Economic Forum, the home of the force industrial revolution


Laurent Alexandre the French doctor talking about the future

Stephane Mallard the young frenchie

Émile Belot, chief engineer of the State's factories.

Xavier Niel, Free CEO

TVs in French

BFM TV / RMC la chronique innovation d''Anthony Morel

Arte Future Mag le magazine innovation d'Arte

Rever le futur le magazine du futur de France 5


Press -Magazines - Newspapers

Forbes France technology and society

Les Échos tech-médias

Le Point tech & net

L'obs the future in 30 years 2049

Futura Sciences the digital magazine in French about the future of science

FuturHebdo a weekly news webzine about the future in French

Blogs in French

Ray Kurzweil transhumanism guru

Laurent Alexandre the French doctor

Alexandra Levit the future workplace expert

Universities & Courses

Institute for the Future the place in the Valley

Harvard University, an online course about disruptive strategy

Helsinki AI a free training to AI by the University of Helsinki

Singularity University the home of Californian transhumanism

London Buisness School managing the company of the Future, leading buisness into the future 

University of Turku, master in future studies

MIT media lab, the innovation hub

King's College, management of the future

ESSEC, an online course about artifical intelligence

ESCP, online course about the future avec the COVID-19

Future chronology & predictions

Future timeline what will happen, when?

Long term predictions

Long bets predicting for charities

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