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Project management

Your are growing. You're engaging in larger projects. Based on our experience of managing complex, multi-year programmes and projects within large multi-national companies, mixing organisation, processes, IT and change management, we can assist your project managers or even take on project management responsibilities.


Collaborative imagination

While growing,  start-ups often go through some challenges with regards to the onboarding of new team members and to convey the company's spirit to the newcomers. This is something that we address with a dedicated offer - designed with our partners at Blooming Partners - around collaborative imagniation, setting the stage for fictional corporate situations in order to develop a culture of creativity and collaboration amongst teams.

Process reengineering
Cross-channel development
UK - France

Whether you are a UK-based entrepreneur willing to develop his business in France or a French entrepreneur willing to develop on the UK market, we can assist you in your international expansion: develop your business, find partners, grow on the other side of the Channel.

Visioning for growth or for pivoting

Your are growing. You feel that you need to change your business model to adapt to new concepts, new competition, new technologies. The challenge might be to change substantial aspects of your processes and business model or even to completely pivot. We help you develop your vision for the future and identify the key projects and the roadmap to get there.

Growth, competition and increasing volumes requires that you change and improve your processes. We have performed process reengineering in several well known companies and master the methods to reach a vision and make your company migrate from the current state to the future state, in order to better serve internal and external clients. 

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