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Competitive analysis

Porter 5P+1, VRIO, SWOT

Value chain analysis

Ecosystem analysis

Business model
Strategy clarification & design workshops
Very often, you were busy catching opportunities here and there - which is good - but your strategy no longer appears as clear as it should be if you want to attract partners, investors, or even clients and employees. It's time to clarify it and make it even stronger.
Teaching strategy in Business Schools, we have a wide knowledge of the strategy tools, and more precisely of those which can realistically be applied in practice to small and medium-size companies. The goal is to do a full strategy review and to realign your strategy and business parameters. All along this process, we will challenge you about your quest for a durable competitive advantage, which is the essence of a sustainable strategy.
We have run this approach with many start-ups and are very confident to bring value to clarify your strategy.
Strategie 2.png
  • From your initial ideas when launching the company, you had to change, adjust, modify things permanently and take new directions.

  • It's time to take all the new orientations into account and to formulate the new strategy in a consistent and updated manner.

  • We split the pitch structure in three to four sections and review all the parameters, in order to come up with a fresh re-adjusted strategy, from value proposition to go to market

  • Work with founders and some key people.

  • Typically 3 to 4 half-day sessions 

  • These sessions can also be part of the "Road to financing" as an initial phase prior to designing your investor pitch and meeting investors 

  • Ask us for more information about these sessions here

Differentiation workshops
At the source of strategy is the quest for competitive advantage. For a start-up, it translates into looking for a substantial differentiation to have a strong place on the market. We help you identify the top 3 to 5 key differentiatiors that will give you this unique position on the market and figure out how to implement them.
  • Team brainstorming

  • Competitive screening

  • Differentiator confirmation

  • Product/service features

  • Consistency with Vision Mission Values

  • Day or half-day team session + preparation

Values - Mission - Vision Workshops
We use this fundamental strategy tool to align the values of your team, the disruptive mission of your company and your 2 year-vision for the project
  • Your team is growing, the way you define yourself is always evolvingThis approach can meet three objectives:

    • identify your specific values, mission and vision,

    • build a consistent message,

    • create team adhesion.

  • Day or half day team session + preparation

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