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Lateral Future Focus


Major changes to your business will most likely come from outside your industry - this is why at Manao we help you understand long-term disruptions and identify new business opportunities with a wide 360° scope


Take time for this visionary thinking
It is essential to the future of your business

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Short-termism is deadly in the long run. The current post-COVID crisis time is the right moment to think about your future plans. 

Find out about our exciting and productive workshops about the future!

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Let's go on a journey to discover the future. Let's work with your team to design a better future for your business. Short-termism can be deadly in the long run. The current crisis gives you no option but to reconsider your strategic plans. That's why we have developed this series of workshops about the future. Your team will be thrilled by this exciting and strategic work ahead. Let's be curious, open minded, let's be inventive, discuss, debate, and share our ideas! 

We do these workshops for medium and large size corporate, as well as for startup events or incubators.

Please get in touch with us here to find out more about our workshop and how they could be great for your company!


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