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Provide your talents with inspirational seminars.
Straight from thinking to implementation.
Multi-discciplinary approach. Strategy. History. Personal development. Visioning. 
Involving self assessment and team building.
Action driven.
Highly appreciated by participants with diverse backgrounds.
Values - Mission - Vision Workshop
We use this fundamental strategy tool to align the values of your team, the disruptive mission of your company and your 2 year-vision for the project
  • Your team is growing, the way you define yourself is always evolvingThis approach can meet three objectives:

    • identify your specific values, mission and vision,

    • build a consistent message,

    • create team adhesion.

  • Day or half day team session + preparation

Differentiation workshop
We help you identify the key 3 to 5 differentiatiors that will give you a unique position on the market
  • Team brainstorming

  • Competitive screening

  • Differentiatior confirmation

  • Product/service features

  • VMV consistency

  • Day or half-day team session + preparation

Strategy review sessions
We follow the structure of the investor pitch to do a full strategy review and to realign your strategy and business parameters  
  • From your initial ideas when launching the company, you had to change, adjust, modify things permanently and take new directions.

  • It's time to take all the new orientations into account and to formulate the new strategy in a consistent and updated manner.

  • We split the pitch structure in three to four sections and review all the parameters, in order to come up with a fresh re-adjusted strategy, from value proposition to go to market

  • Work with founders and some key people.

  • Typically 3 to 4 half-day sessions + preparation.

Pitch diagnostic
We screen your pitch, identify your weaknesses and improve your structure, messages and content.
  • Structure analysis

  • Weaknesses, missing, to be improved

  • Content defintion / adjustment

  • Graphical draft

  • 2 to 3 sessions of 3 to 4 hours.

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