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the new path to collective intelligence

The Entrepreneurs Mastermind Circle - 

2021 Global Mixers

Group mentoring is a great way to get a mirror effect, not only from your mentor, but from your peers, from other entrepreneurs like you, who go through similar experiences and sometimes struggles.

Together we are stronger:

- we listen attentively, with a caring and neutral mind.

- we share "out-of-the-box" ideas.

- we learn to know each other, to trust each other.

- we exchange best practices.

- we resolve problems with the help of our collective intelligence. 

Our next online sessions will be held on Thursday March 25th, and April 29th 2021 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm CET (Paris time) - 5:30pmto 7:00pm GMT (London time)
with the kind support of Level39, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AB

Team Building


How many people? Who is in the group?

Group size:

between 8 and 15 participants max.

Participants profile:

business owners, CEOs , founders, C-level, entrepreneurs

Company profile: 

 SMEs or 
established Startups

How often?
How Long?

A 90 min monthly online session

(except in August)

+ 20-30 min of optional reading and thinking between the sessions

Dates set one semester in advance so that you can plan for them

What do we do? What's the CONTENT?

Each session offers inspirational thinking from 16 "future disruptions" and "collective problem solving" around the participants' challenges


£69 + VAT per month

First session is free

3 months initial commitment

Get a discount of £70 every time you bring a new member that commits for at least 6 months


Team Building
Get inspired by 16 major world future disruptions!

During each session we collectively discuss 2-3 out 16 "Lateral Futures ©"and how to:

- Project yourself +10 to +20 years ahead
- Beyond digital transformation, how to develop a 360° awareness of the upcoming changes and related issues
- Stretch your mind, enrich your collective vision and your strategy
- Find, as a team, your own [responsible] path between futurism and ethics 
- Identify long-term impact and new business opportunities


Let's start working on them together with your peers and mentors! 

Team Building
Get inspired by your peers!

When checking in, each group member can submit a question, an issue, a challenge to the group, in order to get some advice, suggestions, thoughts, ideas, and share some analog experience.


This peer-to-peer discussion, facilitated by very experienced mentors is the essence of group mentoring. The mentors make sure that over the course of several sessions, all members can get enough time from the group to resolve their own issues.


For more details about the agenda of a typical session, please click here

Team Building
It's not about talking but taking action

When getting inspiration from the case or feedback from your peers, you can determine some new courses of action to be taken to develop your business.


As seasoned mentors and coaches, we regularly check on your progress. You develop some accountability to the group and the strength of the commitment to the group - and even more to yourself in front of the group - is a powerful outcome of group mentoring.

Here is what you get with your membership:
  • A monthly 90 min meeting of group mentoring (except in August)

  • Collaborative problem solving sessions within the group

  • A collective discussion about 16 incredible "Future Disruptions"

  • Business mentoring and facilitation by two seasoned mentors facilitating the sessions

  • Reading materials about 3 selected "Future Disruptions" every month

  • Commitment to actions that you will take following each meeting

  • Voluntary invitation on the WhatsApp group to share learning and updates

  • A discount of £70 every time you bring to the group a new member that commits for at least 6 months



Francois Marmion

Experienced startup CEO mentor.

Lecturer in strategy case studies, entrepreneurship and future studies.

Former startup CEO, investor &

management consultant with EY.

Lived & worked in London, Chicago, Paris.

Francois is strong in strategy, structuring offerings, management, projects, finance & investment. 

Manao-i3-Thrive-Eric-Vidal-NewYork (1).J

Eric Vidal

Entrepreneur and digital marketer. 

Executive Zen coach and startup mentor via

the i3-Thrive community of experts.

Formerly in advertising at Euro-RSCG & Publicis agencies. Eric lived & worked in

New York, London, Tokyo, Hong-Kong, Hanoi & France. Eric is strong in 360º omnichannel marketing, communication, branding &

cross-cultural business.


Entrepreneurs Mastermind Circle   -   Europa Series
Entrepreneurs Mastermind Circle   -   Europa Series
25 Mar 2021, 17:30 GMT
Online Europa Series
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