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Provide your talents with an inspirational workshop.
Straight from thinking to implementation.
Multi-discciplinary approach. Strategy. History. Personal development. Visioning. 
Taking a step back in history to better envision your future projects. 
Involving self assessment and team building.
Action driven.
Highly appreciated by participants with diverse backgrounds.
De Gaulle Churchill manager role model

An inspirational DAy around two history giants 



Historical briefings


Personal thinking


In the steps of De Gaulle in London

Workshops in small groups

Role play

An approach to build consistency from values to vision and action 

  • Both Churchill and De Gaulle felt invested by a mission for their country, based on very strong values built during their young years. They were visionnaries. They both loved action.

  • Trying to get inspiration from these two characters, we take you through a path from values to action:

    • revisiting your own values,

    • identifying the strengths that you can take from your early years,

    • building a consistent, aspirational and practical vision,

    • going for action.

why is this relevant today? 

Why can they still inspire us?
  • they were free spirits, visionnaries, thinking out of the box, innovators,
  • they were too very demanding men, they lived up to their dreams,
  • they both went through amazing ups and downs, showing incredible resilience,
  • they were thinkers, they loved writing and were talented speakers,
  • the were doers, they loved action,
  • they remain the major history characters of the last hundred years in their respective countries.
They are still a source of inspiration and stimulation nowadays. You will find out about their values, learn more about their early years and how they managed to build up on their experience, to come up with a vision and to put it into action.
Why should you come?
  • you're looking for new sources of inspiration for your team or for yourself,
  • you're interested to work on your valuesvision and sense of action, in the light of those two characters,
  • as a manager, you are looking for a new original way to boost your team, away from more conventional approaches:
    • discover the values that you share,
    • make people commit to a common vision,
    • develop their sense of initiative and action,
    • understand what everyone can bring to the group,
    • and get your people's attention by offering them a unique workshop,
  • as an individual, you need to step back before taking up a new challenge:
    • you want to revisit your values,
    • you want to build a long term view of your project and carreer,
    • you are looking for consistency between your personal and professional life and for a sense of purpose.

A team mixing business, personal developement and history skills 

Francois Marmion
Managing director at Manao
Consultant in management,
COO of start-ups, investor, entrepreneur. Ex-Ernst & Young and Paris Dauphine alumni
Hubert Rault
Creator of the tour
De Gaulle in London
Senior credit analyst,
MBA alumni from
Cass Business School
Thierry de Tourniel
Managing director, Culture at work
Coach for management teams, mentor, NLP master practicioner, consultant in strategy, change management


I really enjoyed the day and the balance between hisory and today's management issues
N., 40, banker, London
The facilitators were very knowledgeable and provided useful and inspirational information
B., 35, entrepreneur
It was a very diverse day with many different activities that made us engage with others and with these two charcters.
L., 36, consultant, London
I really enjoyed the day and the balance between hisory and today's management issues
N., 40, banker, London
Thinking of Churchill and De Gaulle, I was able to step back and consider things under a new angle. I also realized the importance of mentors.
A., 29, field manager, London

how to participate? 

Type of sessions: inter or intra-company
Who should attend: middle to upper management, management teams, entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, civil servants
Workshop duration: 1 day
  • intra-company:
    • £2,990 excl. VAT for a group up to 12 participants + lunch £45 incl. VAT per person
  • inter-company:
    • £399 excl. VAT per participant + lunch £45 incl. VAT,
    • £299 excl. VAT for start-ups and SMEs founded after Jan 1, 2015.
Next sessions:
The next inter-company sessions are scheduled on May 19 and June 9, 2017: please contact us here for these dates or for alternate options.
For intra-company sessions, please contact us here to arrange for the most convenient date.
A great venue in South Kensington: the Polish Club
Unless you have your own facility that you want to use for an intra-company session, we suggest to host the day at The Polish Club, a great location where we can accomodate groups up to 12 participants. Its atmosphere is in synch with our topic. They also have a great restaurant and bar for meals and networking drinks. 
Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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