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7 reasons for a CEO to talk regularly to a mentor

  1. Get the mirror effect - bounce back ideas with someone, test your ideas, get suggestions
  2. Be challenged, with kindness but frankness

  3. Benefit from sharing experiences with a senior mentor, ex-start-up CEO and ex-investor

  4. Escape from daily heavy workloads to think ahead 

  5. The regularity of the meetings allows bringing more value, closer to the life of the business (vs. occasional mentor)

  6. Mentoring sessions are more open and more frequent than a board or a shareholder discussion, and whatever you say won't be taken against you

  7. The mentor is 100% on your side, in total trust, you have nothing to hide, no need to pretend, you can release the pressure

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Discover our mentoring programmes

Option 1: regular

Take a structured approach to business coaching in order to maximize results
From our experience, we know that the best efficiency of business coaching come from regularity. Why? Because the entrepreneurs knows that they have this regular meeting to challenge ideas, escape from the routine and think forward and it becomes part of their improvement path. And the coach is well aware of what is going on and even more on top of things to help them.
That's why we came up with a programme including:
  • regular phone calls with the founders or CEO, every week or every other week for 1-1.5 hours. During this call we review current issues, are available to talk about any topic brought by the entrepreneur and always try to think ahead,

  • monthly workshops: every month, we address a topic that is critical for the company at this given moment. It could be topics such as planning for a new product launch, reaching better differentiation, putting in place the right KPI, getting the organisation ready to deploy internationally, etc. Out of these workshops, we always get out with a concrete and realistic action plan. For the workshops, and depending on the topic we deal with, other relevant people within the company can join, beyond the ones that are part of the regular coaching (marketing person, sales person, IT person, etc.)

    All this together form a strong coaching framework to accompany the entrepreneurs in developing their business.

Please look at a client case here

For more information about these structured business coaching packages please contact us here.

Option 2: on-demand

Go for a flexible on-demand package
Here, your prefer to opt for a fully flexible package. You take hours monthly that you trigger when you want:
  • in the first session, we will need to spend a bit more time to know the company better,

  • then, you tell us a couple days in advance when you want to talk and which topic you would like to address,

  • you don't have the regularity but you get the other benefits of business coaching at your own pace,

  • in order to be efficient though - the coach can really help only if he has enough visibility on the Company - we recommend that you do no less than 3 to 4 hours per month. 

  • with these packages, we can also accomodate on-demand workshops (see the description of workshops on the left box).

For more information about these on-demand packages please contact us here.

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