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An intense and exciting week designed for African investors, accelerators and incubators as a booster for their entrepreneurs.
Revisit your values, your mission and determine a clear vision.
Work deeper on your differentiation.
Reinforce your go-to-market strategy.
Make your financial model more robust.
Test your pitch
Be stronger at project management.
Assess your risks
Get ready to work with a mentor.
Booster week - an accelerated session for entrepreneurs
Manao and Impact Africa Invest have designed a one week accelerated session for incubators, accelerators and investors willing to give a boost to their entrepreneurs
Our programme addresses topics such as vision, competitive positioning and differentiation, go-to-market, business plan, financial model, project management and risk management.
Our approach mixes group work, individual work, personalised coaching and pitch simulation. I you want to know more about the detailed programme, please inquire here.

Manao is partnering with Impact Africa Invest to offer a full range of services to start-ups and SMEs in Africa, in various industries such as technology, energy, education, agri-business and commerce:

  • if you are an accelerator or an incubator, we can organise our booster week session for you and mentor your start-ups,

  • if you are an investment fund we can help you support the companies of your portfolio (mentoring, consulting) or we can customize a booster week for you,

  • if you are an entrepreneur, we can help you out with our mentoring, consulting and financing services.

Check out our services: download the PDF

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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