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Provide your talents with an inspirational workshop.
Straight from thinking to implementation.
Multi-discciplinary approach. Strategy. History. Personal development. Visioning. 
Taking a step back in history to better envision your future projects. 
Involving self assessment and team building.
Action driven.
Highly appreciated by participants with diverse backgrounds.
De Gaulle Churchill manager role model

An inspirational day around two history giants

Approach: build consistency from values to vision and action 

Approch: build consistency all the way from your values to your vision and your action plan

An inspirational DAy around two history giants 

  • Both Churchill and De Gaulle felt invested by a mission for their country, based on very strong values built during their young years. They were visionnaries. They both loved action.

  • Trying to get inspiration from these two characters, we take you through a path from values to action:

    • revisiting your own values,

    • identifying the strengths that you can take from your early years,

    • building a consistent vision,

    • going for action.

Values - Mission - Vision Workshop
We use this fundamental strategy tool to align the values of your team, the disruptive mission of your company and your 2 year-vision for the project
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