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Understand the overall approach.
Be consistent.
Be Ambitious but realistic
Validate your assumptions.
Discuss examples.
You can take an option for coaching hours once you have made a first version .
Do your business plan yourself
We provide you with a structured approach and give you practical guidelines and examples to build your own business plan, with a particular emphasis on the financial model. 

We know that some early stage entrepreneurs can't necessarily afford a custom made business plan done by a consultant. An alternative way is to join one of our "Business plan - Do it yourself" training session.

In a small group of maximum 8 people, we will take you through the main steps to build your comprehensive business plan.

We will have time for questions and sharing views with other participants.

Option: you can opt for an extra 4 hours of individual coaching once you have build your initial business plan. We can split this in smaller session (2 x 2 hours for instance) to help you iterate towards a final financial model that will work for your business. 

2 days course £499: please inquire here for the next available session (small groups 4 min / 8 max)

2 days course + 4 hours of individual coaching after the seminar £799 - please inquire here


Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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