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Pre and post investment

Target company

The business review enables you to have a clear view of the targeted investment. It can be ahead of the detailed due diligence or part of them, depending on your needs. The scope of work can evolve but it would typically include:

  • a strategic review,

  • a market and competitive assessment,

  • a sales pipeline review (if relevant)

  • a team assessment,

  • an operations review (if site visit - if relevant)

  • a financial view based on the base business case provided by the company,

  • a business model review.

It is based on discussions with the management team and extensive research. It will preferably include on-site visits.

Typical deliverable: investment note including diagnosis of the company, SWOT, investment pros and cons.


Project scanning
& selection

You can't manage all your deal flow but you don't want to miss any opportunity. We set up a scanning framework based on your investment criteria. We scan the projects and filter them accordingly. After a first document-based filtering, we can have a first interaction with the project owners and prepare a set of key questions to move forward. The scope of our work can go up to the firts meetings, depending on your needs.

Typical deliverable: project scanning report, set of questions, first meetings.


Interim or part-time management (post-investment)

A compnay in your portfolio has no COO or CFO, whether they might be in the recruitment process or too early stage to have one.

We can help with this transition period.

We offer interim management services - from a couple weeks to a couple months - as well as part-time management services - typically 1 to 3 days per week - for the COO and CFO functions.

Typical deliverable: time based interim / part time management consulting


Project sourcing
Business plan - detailed review
(pre or post-investment)

This is an in-depth review of the business plan. We engage into a discussion with the entrepreneur and challenge all their assumptions: sales, prices, margins, distribution channels, sales cycle, marketing and customer acquisition cost, ramp-up, road map, phasing, production, development, headcounts, salaries, other operational expenses, financing assumptions, cash assumptions.

We then stress the business plan to assess EBIT, cash need and IRR.

This work can also be done post-investment when a new CEO or CFO joins or when the company pivots.

Typical deliverable: amended business plan with scenarios 

Entrepreneur mentoring

We accompany entrepreneurs throughout the life of the company. Mentoring brings support and feed-back to the entrepreneur on multiple topics such as strategy, product developement, marketing, recruitment, financing, controlling, cash control, IT, sales development, partnerships, organisation, operations. We listen, we suggest, we help out, we bring an external view, we engage in high-level dialogue without forgetting practical execution details. We tailor this mentoring to the objectives of both the investor and the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur has someone to talk, share experience, test ideas.  

Mentoring sessions - monthly to yearly packages


Financial and business control

We help you keep an eye on the business and its development, on a more regular basis than what you have time to do. This gives you some peace of mind that things are under control and that you will minimize the last-minute surprises. We create a trust relationship with the management since we have already been in their situation and we are here to help the business move forward.

Typical deliverable: issue log and regular management report


We can help you sourcing projects in industries to be defined together with you - such as e-tourism, e-health, edtech - or in specific geographies such as France for UK investors or UK for French investors.


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