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Track 1

Financial model review
We start with a very initial review of your financial model.
We give you a very first diagnosis of the model:
how is the structure? are the assumptions properly set? do they reflect the essence of the business? what are the weaknesses? what is missing?
The point is not about checking your cells and formulas but about giving you some suggestions about better translating your type business into a proper financial model. 
We share with you some tips about P&Ls, Cash Plans and the most common mistakes that we have seen.
Tested by Manao with many start-up before.
Based on our experience of seeing dozens of financial models.
Result driven: you take away some very practical recommendations.
A typical programme of improvement would include an initial session, then you work on the recommandations and we can do one to three additional sessions to challenge your model and assumptions so that you end up with a proper financial model.
Contact us here for more info. This work can also be part of our "Road to financing" programme.

Manao tips to build a Financial model that make sense

Financial model comments
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