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6 short-term Power packs designed for start-ups' needs

Focus on a specific need to generate immediate action 

Strategy games

First thing first, get your strategy right

Track 1

What do we do?

Track 1

Track 1

If you don't have your strategy right forget the rest. This is where you keep an edge on the competition. We can review and adjust your strategy together and update it on a regular basis. That is an iterative process.
Startup business strategy
Structure for growth

Track 2

Align your business with your strategy 
This is where you start executing this competitive advantage that you have designed in the strategy. Everything has to be consistent: your offerings, your business model, your pricing and last but not least your development roadmap.

Track 3 

CEO mentoring 
As a CEO you have to lead and motivate your team, and to put a brave face all the time in front of your clients, investors, bankers, suppliers, partners... We know that it is tough. You can't be alone in this, get a mentor! Get the mirror effect, be yourself, test your ideas, with someone that is completely on your side, not judgmental but frank, helpful, and friendly.
Improve your financial model
Digital & marketing 

Track 4 

Through our partnership with I-Cube Thrive, we help you adjust your targeting and your positioning and develop your omnichannel marketing 

Track 5 

At some point, your great ideas deserved to be known beyond your home county, whether it's further West, East, or South! Where to start, with whom, in what order, that's the international go-to-market plan that you need to build.
Investor pitch review

Track 6 

Get ready for financing 
As they say, life is a pitch! Are you ready to pitch your company? Do you have a clear and compelling strategy? A true way forward to success? A robust financial model and business plan to support your story? Are you ready to answer the most tricky questions? What is your fundraising strategy? Do you know enough investors? Are you in a position to be strong but constructive in the negotiations? 

How to start?

Book your free introduction call...
Reserve your slot with us here on Calendly
... and tell us briefly about your business
Fill in the short questionnaire in Calendy when you make your booking 
Let's discuss your needs during the call
We will determine the best plan to help you out 

Why work with us?


We have been in the startup ecosystem for 20+ years. As CEOs, as investors. With experience comes humility, confidence and an ability to assess situations. 


We love startups. We've seen so many of them and we are still curious and surprised every day. We are also working on the future. Startups & the future, our two passions.


We love the wild wild world. Europe, the U.S., Asia, Africa. We have lived on three continents. New horizons, new markets, new cultures. Go west, go east, go south!


Arrogance is not our thing. We are here to help. To be fully on your side. To build long-term trust. To see your projects grow and flourish. To offer this frank but friendly support that you need.

What do startups say about us?


— Guillaume Descottes, CEO DiscMuseum

Francois Marmion, Manao's Managing Director, brings experience, clarity and pragmatism.

He made me save precious time in formulating and executing my strategy.

He also had a good level of communication with the team, which made our work more efficient and engaging for everyone.

I highly recommend him!

DiscMuseum is the streaming app and website specializing in classical music in the UK and in France - check what they do here

Join one of our webinars

Mastermind group mentoring

We have been organising entrepreneur group mentoring and networking event every month, under the patronage of Level 39. Join us for a free webinar here.

In partnership with 

What can we do for investors?

Pre- and post-investment services for investors

We also work with investors in dealing with their start-ups 

Pre-investment services



Project sourcing
Tech hunting
Project scanning
Company assessment
Business due diligence
Business plan review
Post-investment services



CEO mentoring
Interim management
Project management
Visioning & Pivoting
Business plan review
Financial control

What are our favorite sectors?



Education, Edutainment, Culture


Market places


agro & food

B2B services

Marketing, Finance, Networks

Travel & Lifestyle

Health & Impact

Market places

Blog & News

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