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"25 years of international experience - startup management and investment - to help you create immediate impact with simple tools"   

6 short-term Power packs designed for start-ups' needs

Focus on a specific need to generate immediate action 

CEO & founders' mentoring

The mirror effect

Robustify your financial model

Master your numbers

Strategy clarification

Know where you are going

Project management

Get structured
for growth

Investor deck design

Convince investors



Find investors


We mentor start-up founders and CEOs.

We help you prepare for fund raising, clarify your strategy, strenghten your differenciation, build your business plan, your investor presentation, your teaser.

We challenge you. We help you raise funds.

You are looking for structured business coaching?
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You want to prepare for fund raising? click here

You need  to assess your investor deck? click here


You are struggling with your financial model? click here

Please look at our comprehensive service range for entrepreneurs here

We can assist with pre and post investment services.

We help you with due diligence, business plan reviews project and team assessment.

We investigate. We report. We advise.

We introduce you to emerging start-ups, playing a tech hunter role.

We coach some of your entrepreneurs who need help.

We help some of your start-ups pivoting with project management and mentoring.

Please look at our full range of services for investors here

This is what we mostly do based on the experience and the interests of our team and partners



agro & food

Travel & Lifestyle


Education, Edutainment, Culture

Market places

B2B services

Marketing, Finance, Networks

Health & Impact



Market places

This is what we mostly do based on the experience and the interests of our team and partners

3 medium-term development roadmaps for entrepreneurs

Build an approach over a few months to improve your strenghts, readiness and performance.
The power packs can be a starting point to these approaches

Be ready for financing and carefully prepare your approach
A 2-3 months approach to get ready to go meet investors after having:
  • clarified your strategy

  • designed a proper Investment deck that convey your strategy

  • made your financial model more robust

  • reviewed your risks and formulated answers to objections

  • thought about your most adequate financing strategy

Then we help you meet some investors and, if necessary, negotiate the business terms of the agreement.

Please look at the full financing roadmap here

Structured business coaching for CEOs / founders
Business mentoring provides a mirror effect and a regular opportunity to escape from the heavy daily workload of a CEO to think ahead, challenge your ideas and share experiences with someone who is 100% on your side.

Our experience shows that the more structured the approach the more effective the results are. However, some CEOs prefer a "general management hotline" that they actionate whenever necessary. Hence the two following options:

Please look at the full mentoring roadmap here

Put the right structure in place to scale -up your business
Get to the next level :
  • establish a clear vision

  • put in place the adequate project management structure to grow

  • refine your offerings and pricings to the various segments

  • design your organisation to expand internationally

  • pivot if necessary

  • use corporate role playing to develop your team culture

  • establish the right distribution agreements and partnerships

  • design / reengineer sustainable processes for growth

  • follow the right set of KPIs

Our strong background in project management, structuration and business development is key at this stage. Please click here


— Guillaume Descottes, CEO DiscMuseum

Francois Marmion, Manao's Managing Director, brings experience, clarity and pragmatism.

He made me save precious time in formulating and executing my strategy.

He also had a good level of communication with the team, which made our work more efficient and engaging for everyone.

I highly recommend him!

DiscMuseum is the streaming app and website specializing in classical music in the UK and in France - check what they do here


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