Web Summit: how to stand out amongst 1,000 start-ups? By better knowing yourself as a company. Work

Web Summit looks a bit like a hive. Busy. Crowded. Buzzing. 60,000 start-upers, visitors, service providers and investors frantically walking the alleys to look for a contact, an opportunity, a client, a partnership or fresh money. And they don't have much time. Most people I talked to were impressed by the noise out there: "Oh my god, this is so noisy!" is something that I kept hearing about the WS. And when it's very noisy, it is difficult to get heard. Moreover understood. Beyond the image of the noise, in the literal and the figurative sense, this is very difficult for a startup to stand out amongst thousands other start-ups. How can you achieve that?

Some of them use little tricks on the day of the show. They wear costumes. Set up a funny de