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Originals picks from Web Summit: ever heard of an on-line tribunal or of an application to stay away

Web Summit was gathering startups from all over the world this week in Lisbon. Hundreds of them had booths where they were exhibiting their products and services.

Wandering in the alleys of the Web Summit, we have picked for you a few projects that sounded a bit different, original, unexpected. Whether they will be the nuggets of tomorrow is another story. Future will tell. But they came with something different, sometimes disruptive, sometimes a bit crazy, or funny, never banal or conventional.

Have you ever heard about an on-line tribunal? It does exist! For arbitration. Quicker. Simpler. Less Expensive. The French team of eJust just did it! C

onverting green alguae into eco-friendly ink for printers, this is the clean project from UAE's Algalife. Public street benches used to be a place were old people would rest in the sun, lovers would kiss and pigeons would wait for bread crumbs. Street benches 2.0 are now connected, solar powered and equiped with WIFI, plugs, sensors and light, by the Croatian team of Include. Tired of playing with various time zone, the German team of hTime came up with an original universal time system that makes the organisation of meeting between Europe and, for instance, Australia, easier. Let's have a conf call at N:17!! GoKid, from the US, is the Blablacar carpool solution for kids. Taking kids to their activites can become a nightmare when you have three kids practicing three different sports with different friends in various parts of town and you need to trust the various drivers. Much more complicate to conceptualize than Uber! Robots are everywhere and can frighten some of us but when they help us make wine they suddenly sound more friendly... the French team of Vitibot from the Champagne region designed vineyards robots that take care of the most painful and fastidious part of the work to be done between the vineyard rows.

Jug Technologies from Israel came up with a magic ball for kids. It speaks, tell you stories, react when you shake it or throw it. The ball is versatile and smart and can change faces, giving access to new universes. A great edutainment project! And finally, a minimalist touch, brought to us by the Scandinavian team of Hold in Norway. At a time when students and teen are completely absorbed with their phones, they came up with a great idea to challenge and reward the new generation to stay away - temporarily - from the their phone, be less addicted and focus on other things. We wish the best to all these orginal ideas!

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