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Client case: mobile tourism app - a journey in history

This start-up (name to be disclosed later) is launching walking tour apps in London. We are helping with their digital strategy, their business plan, their go-to-market strategy and accompany them with a mentoring approach.

This is what Hubert Rault, the founder and CEO of the company said about our work with us: "I had the opportunity to work with François Marmion on the Business Plan from the early stage of my new start-up. I am starting a company in the mobile tourism industry with the objective to create a really new visitor experience thanks to an innovative concept. From the beginning François has provided me with precious advice regarding the core assets of my business and the different markets. He has helped me to build a robust business plan by using his large range of skills in terms of presentation and Financial modeling. He was not here only to write a powerpoint but made me mature on my business strategy. I can only recommend him".

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