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The new cohort of Start Up Bootcamp IoT

Really happy to have been part of the mentoring and selection process for the IoT Startupbootcamp 2017 Accelerator program in London. Congratulations to the 10 startups entering the program in October. It was great to see such a variety of projects (from farming to gaming, cybersecurity to manufacturing, robotics to health devices and environment) and to meet people from various horizons (UK, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Honduras, Iran, Israel, Italy, Canada, Hungary, Turkey, India...). Great conversations with the other mentors as well! Congratulations to Raph Crouan , Cansu Deniz Bayrak and the Startupbootcamp IoT team for the great work and organisation! Looking forward to contributing in the Accelerator. #startupbootcampIoT #sbciot #mentor #sbcselectiondays #sbciot #IoT

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