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Test the Agile Entrepreneur's toolkit, a mix of business and soft skill approaches to foster you

You need new inspiration for your teams? You are at a turning point of your project? You look for new ways of doing things? You need to better align your personal life and very demanding business projects?

On December 8, join us in London for a full day of workshops designed for entrepreneurs, startup founders, CEOs and managers.

The day is organized as a sampler. You will test-run a mix of business oriented and soft skills tools and approaches, which will both help you grow your business and balance your life as an entrepreneur.

Topics will range from Mindfulness for CEOs to Digital Marketing, from Values & Vision to Strategy Clarification and Investor Pitch, from Differentiation to Emotional intelligence.

Each session will be a mix of brief presentations, group interaction with your peers and test -run of each tool. You will understand the impact of each approach and have the basic guidelines and method to use it within your organisation.

Your two facilitators for the day will be Eric Vidal, from i Cube - Thrive and Francois Marmion from Manao.

The day workshop will take place at Allia Future Business Centre - East London, at the heart of the London startup vibe. It will end up with networking drinks.

Have a look at the complete description on EventBrite and register for this day of workshops with us on Friday, December 8. Click here: Agile Entrepeneur's Toolkit on Event Brite

Early Bird prices until November 11th - register soon!

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