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South Summit in Madrid

Interesting times to be at South Summit in Madrid, to get a feel for Madrid's and Spain's ecosystems, in the middle of one of the most sensitive political crisis that Spain ever had to face in the recent times, for which we hope that a peaceful solution will be found. South Summit is almost an intimate startup event, compared to big machines like VivaTech in Paris or Web Summit in Lisbon. However, there is a good crowd of Spanish players visiting. But you really have to find them, since very few startups (too few compared to other events) properly exhibit. The networking corner helps. I had great contacts with startups from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Galicia, Murcia, but aslo France, US, Chile, Belarus... Congratulations to the overall winner of the Startup Contest Wallbox and to the organisers, as well as to the category winners Nextail, Warm, Reclamador, Zapiens, Avansig, Caravelo, Darwinex, Datumize and Mediktor. Well done guys! #southsummit #madridecosystem #wallbox #nextail #warm #zapiens #reclamador #caravelo #darwinex #mediktor #datumize #avansig

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