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Churchill and De Gaulle - two role models for today's managers - a full day course

Manao launched - together with Hubert Rault, a specialist of De Gaulle in London and Thierry de Tourniel, an expert in coaching, strategy and team management - a seminar focusing on the inspiration that managers and entrepreneurs can get from these two major characters of the 20th century. The first session took place on January 28. 2017 at the Polish Club, in South Kensington, London, with 10 participants.

Churchill and De Gaulle are both major heros for their respective countries. They both fought in WW I and they led the resistance of their country to the Nazis during WW II. They were both writers, spending long hours to work on their books. They both had an immense historical, military and political culture. They were in power at some point, then had to leave and come back again in charge. They were visionaries, great communicators and speakers, they inspired many people around them. They both had an interest in social issues. They were both interested in innovation and disruption. They had to make extremely tough decision, in times of war and in times of peace. They were two giants of the 20th century.

The goal is not to make a Churchill or a De Gaulle out of you but to see what we can learn from these two characters.

Throughout this one-day seminar, you get some short reminders of the historical context, but only to the point that it can inspire you in today's world.

Using Churchill and De Gaulle as role models, we make you work on your values, your vision and your key actions.

Every step of that work include:

- brief lectures to better understand what to take from Chruchill and De Gaulle,

- small group workshops,

- group discussions.

During the course of the day, we also take you through a special "De Gaulle in London" tour, led by Hubert Rault who has been doing this tour for hundreds of people already.

This seminar is a great way to get inspire, think about your carreer, your mentors, your strengths, your fundamental values and what makes you act.

Please inquire in the "Contact" section of this website if you are interested to join our next session

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